Washington D.C. improviser: Dan Miller

Dan Miller

Dan Miller had three consecutive night terrors before performing in his first improv student showcase in 2010. Look at him now.

Dan is a member of the Washington Improv Theater (WIT) ensemble King Bee and a founding member of indie troupe Sistine Robot. Dan used to perform with the WIT Harold teams Spirit Bear, Scorched Earth and Telenovela, as well as the indie team Vicinity (which performed the close quarters format). Dan was also cast in the WIT productions Die! Die! Die! and POTUS Among Us.

Dan also teaches at WIT -- he loves helping improv students improve their lives through mastery of the craft of improv. On stage, Dan can frequently be found playing strange children, drunk old ladies, ghosts, and serial killers.

During the day, Dan serves as WIT's external relations director, overseeing marketing, development, and communications.